Who are we?

ENICIALE is a Portuguese product distribution and representation company in the archipelago of the Azores, that has been mainly operating in the food sector since 1999. Where are our facilities located? What are they like? The company is currently operating directly in the two largest islands of the Azores (São Miguel and Terceira) – which represent 85% of the business – but it also runs in the archipelago as a whole. With covered areas of 3000 m ^ 2 (Terceira) and 500 m ^ 2 (São Miguel), ENICIALE keeps all its products under excellent storage conditions. What makes us different? As a result of an entrepreneurial initiative, ENICIALE counts on an experienced team in the logistics world – which is crucial in a sector like this where competent and efficient entities in the Azores are much needed. Throughout the 20 years of service, the company has proven itself to have an excellent ability for distribution, as well as a great relationship with the clients of the archipelago. All of these factors make it easy for the company to create long lasting relationships with the brands it represents in the Azores.

Eniciale –  Commerce and Distribution of Food Products, Lda was awarded by the IAPMEI as PME Líder 2019.

What’s our mission?

In a few words: simplifying what’s intrinsically complex. ENICIALE intends to develop partnerships of excellence with suppliers and clients by always aiming for the growing improvement and simplicity of the different processes. Thus, it always fights to achieve an increasingly effective performance on the distribution of products and brands. Furthermore, it intends to contribute with effective solutions that decrease the complexity associated with implementing businesses in the different markets of the nine islands of the Azores.

What’s our vision?

ENICIALE intends to keep everything it was capable of achieving in these last few years, namely its reference role in the Terceira island’s market. However, and due to its will to go further, it intends to increasingly expand its services and equally stand out in the whole market of the Azores, not only on the food sector.

What values do we stand for?

Above all, ENICIALE aims to provide its customers with services of excellence. There’s no space for mediocrity, instead there’s a constant effort and continuous work to improve its services and always exceed the expectations of those doing business with them.

Do you want to grow your brand in the Azores?

ENICIALE is the perfect partner to help you grow your business in the islands.